School Tuition Schemes

Toranj Tuition utilises a near to peer role model approach which links bright young university students with schoolchildren. Student tutors possess up-to date knowledge, build a good rapport with pupils and are examples of how academic success can change lives.

Tutors develop their own session plans under the guidance of schools and provide regular feedback to teachers. The format and resources used during sessions can vary substantially according to the school’s requirements.

Sessions begin with an induction between tutors and school staff and, ideally, the tutor-teacher dialogue continues throughout the duration of the tuition assignments. During the induction, teachers will inform tutors of specific pupils’ needs which tutors will take into consideration when planning future sessions.

Adult Tuition Schemes

For our adult programmes our approach is mentoring and befriending, in which UK-born tutors support migrants.

We facilitate the smooth integration of newcomers by improving their English language, employability and I.T. skills and bringing them together with other people in the local community. Most of our beneficiaries are refugees who have had traumatic experiences in their home countries or are low paid migrant workers, many of whom face social isolation in the UK.

They require extensive contact hours in a highly personalised training programme. Our tutors strive to make courses easily understandable and work to provide a safe and friendly environment for learners.


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