Our Story

Toranj Tuition is a not-for-profit community organisation based in Kingston upon Hull, established in 2013 to stimulate social mobility and to facilitate equal opportunities by improving education for children and adults.

Toranj Tuition provides educational activities which will help to address educational underachievement and unemployment. We felt compelled to begin this project because the low educational achievement of local children has long been an unresolved issue in Hull, despite a substantial governmental effort and an influx in allocated resources, targeted at alleviating the problem.

When we established ourselves in 2013, we only had five tutors and were delivering our services to four local schools. Our approach and programmes have since gained traction and popularity among school leaders and local authorities. Toranj Tuition has now increased its partnerships to over 30 schools and colleges across Hull and the surrounding area, engaging over 1,000 children.

The Directors of Toranj Tuition are University of Hull alumni with experience in the education and charity sectors. An Advisory Committee, composed of senior educationalists and academics, ensures the quality of our services. Our offices are based on the University of Hull campus and all of our tutors are recruited through their Employability Services. We currently employ 70 tutors, who were hired from among the most talented and dedicated students.


Toranj Tuition has designed new schemes and services for 2019 to fulfil our organisation’s commitment to stimulating social mobility and facilitating equal opportunities by improving education for both children and adults. This involves adding more services to assist child and adult learners, such as our increasing range of Informal Science Clubs, as well as our Employability Training for Highly Qualified Immigrants initiative.

By expanding our private tuition services we hope to bring in an independent income which will be fed into the school schemes, with private funding offsetting free services for disadvantaged children. We will also be fully digitalised from this year to offer blended learning services to beneficiaries which combines traditional and online services and to streamline management of the organisation.

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