How to Book

The quickest way to sign your up for tuition is to complete our online Enquiry Form.

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    1. Expression of Interest

The quickest way to sign up for tuition is to complete our online Enquiry Form. You can also telephone, text or drop us an email. A member of our team will then get in touch with you to arrange an interview with one of our consultants. We usually arrange the interview over the phone, but you are more than welcome to visit us in our offices if you would like to see the facilities we have on offer.

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    2. Consultation

In the interview, our consultant will discuss with you different aspects of your or your child's specific academic and personal needs. They will also talk about the place and method of tuition delivery. The information gathered during the interview will be used to match you or your child with an appropriate tutor. This tutor's details will then be sent to you for your approval.

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    3. Free Assessment

After the consultation a free assessment will be set up, which will allow you and the tutor to meet and get to know one another. The tutor will use the assessment to establish your or your child's current educational level, what they are hoping to learn in the sessions and what method of learning works best for them. Based on the conversation, the tutor will then develop a tailored lesson plan. Feedback is given to Toranj Tuition after the first session, to ensure that everything has gone smoothly and everyone is happy with how things will move forward.

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    4. Delivery and Communication

Once the assessment is complete, tuition services will proceed as agreed. Tuition will be regularly evaluated by our academic consultants, who will occasionally review how the sessions are progressing and monitor the tutor's reports. You will be given a personal account to access our online support resources and view your or your child's progress reports. We encourage three-way communication between our consultant, tutor and you.

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