Our Strategies and Methods

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    Approved One-to-One Tuition Model

Tutors create their own lesson plans which enables them to modify the tutorial sessions for the individualities of their pupil, taking into account: a learner’s current educational level, aspects of their studies they most struggle with and the methods of learning their pupil responds most positively to.

TT has adopted an ISPIRE* tutorial model for all of our educational services, which tutors are trained in when first recruited by our organisation. The model encourages tutors to: be attentive to pupil's needs; assign tasks that are suitable for the pupil's current abilities; give constructive feedback; empower the pupil, and; to encourage pupils to pursue topics they are curious about.

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    Elite Tuition Agency

Unlike website agencies, which connect pupils to freelance tutors, TT is an elite tutorial agency which recruits its tutors carefully and ensures that pupils are matched to a tutor that best fits their needs and personality.

We certify and train our tutors before linking them with pupils, and continually run evaluations and follow-ups to ensure that our tutors are providing a quality service that reflects our organisation's aims and priorities. Tutors are certified by the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation, given a full DBS check and are given in-house training.

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    Affordability and Community

As a not-for-profit organisation, community runs at the centre of everything we do. We ensure that our tuition packages are affordable and easy to access. Each private session purchased includes a small donation which helps us to deliver educational services to children from low income families, who are considered at-risk for unemployment and poverty.


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